Our company observes the law that relates to individual information in the idea of the character esteem of the individual, and takes care of individual information carefully in all businesses that our company executes.
Our company acquires individual information in legal and a proper method.
Our company specifies the purpose of use of individual information as much as possible, and uses individual information only within the range of the purpose of use.
Our company doesn't offer individual information outside without obtaining the person in question's agreement beforehand, except when it is based on regulations of the range and the law specified beforehand.
Our company takes appropriate measures to keep individual information to be accurate, and to prevent the leakage, the downfall, and the damage, etc..
Our company confirms the right of individual information that the person in question requests indication, the correction, the addition, the deletion, and the suspension is possessed.
Moreover, our company responds promptly when these offers exist from the person in question.
Our company responds appropriately and promptly when there is a complaint concerning the handling of individual information.
Our company lectures on an appropriate system of management to protect individual information and at the same time tries to enlighten the consideration of the employee concerning protection of individual information.
Our company provides the protection of individual information rule to execute this policy, knows this to the employee of our company, and executes it surely.